Teen Community Member

I am working on finding the innate health within myself and I am trying not to be so hard on myself.  This will help me be a better friend, daughter and person with this understanding. I wish I would have learned this when I was younger.


This training can only help individuals both personally and professionally. It has enabled me to put things into perspective and access my innate health. Now I can help the people around me and lead by example.

Supervisor of Manufacturing Company

This model is so progressive and down to earth. I am proud to work for a company that values their employees by offering this training. It allows us all to be on the same page.

Office Manager

I’m in a fairly new job and am feeling insecure about my role and lack of knowledge…. The model has helped me recognize some of the ways that my thoughts create anxiety and insecurity.


I feel more centered and happy in my personal life, which I think helps me to be a more effective and affective helper, father, husband and co-worker.

Family Support Worker

I find more positive energy –which is a good base for services. (Not thinking positive, but it’s about resiliency being tapped)

Assistant Principal

Personally, I was able to let a situation go without beating it into the ground as I would have in the past.

Program Supervisor

I have had the most success with clearing my mind before making a decision. Being patient with others. Recognizing my self and my health.

School Administrator

We have learned that we can not ‘fix’ things for people, I see this model as a potential answer for our school and our community.


Personally I am able to deal with my spouse and my children in a calm manner rather than a reactive manner. Professionally I am a much calmer worker. I clear my mind more quickly and I can usually settle others around me just by remaining calm and not getting caught up in the blaming, anger, etc.

Can Corporation of America

We have completed our fifth year of training for our employees with tremendous accomplishments. Companies constantly claim that their employees are their most important asset but never have a road map of investing in their people. The programs of flexible hours, more benefits, better pay rates have limited success and lose their effect over time. Can Corp had elected to invest in the health of our employees to build a base of inner strength, awareness of their surrounding, appreciation of other people’s situations and a commitment to change to meet the daily challenges. With over 65% of our employees completing the training, the employees and the company have truly enjoyed growth within individuals and growth of the company.

How do you measure the success of a program? It is best stated by a wife of one of our employees, ” I don’t know much about the program that my husband… Continue reading