For Businesses and Organizations

zen-gardenOrganizations are currently being asked to do more with less; using this strength-based model helps employees to manage their workload with improved quality and job satisfaction. As people develop an understanding of this framework, they create healthier work environments and improve their professional relationships. Employees are able to be more collaborative and adapt to change more easily.

This strength-based model is used as a best practice for employee relations, customer service, conflict resolution and other employee issues. It empowers employees to improve team functioning and operate in a state of service. As employees enjoy coming to work, there is an increase in productivity and efficiency, as well as improved employee physical and mental health, thereby decreasing insurance costs and liability. Additionally, employees become more self-sufficient with a decrease in turnover rates, which lessens the demands on managers and supervisors.

Inspire Consulting has successfully worked with staff from a variety of settings: businesses, schools, hospitals, clinics, agencies, communities, churches, youth development programs, and chemical dependency and mental health programs.